Blog Crush #1

 Hey everyone,
I am happy to show you my blog/girl crush - Maja, 14 years old girl from Denmark. Her fashion taste is very unique, I bet it´s because of her amazing vintage treasures which she combines with modern stuff. She doesn´t like defining her style though she says it is "simple, personal and very mixed". We share the same passion for Acne Atacomas except she actually owns them!
What/Who inspires your outfits...
Maja: People in the streets!
The most stylish person right now...
M: Alexa Chung, Kate Moss, Elin Kling... The list goes on and on!
Favorite place/places to shop...
M: My favorite 2hand/vintage stores in Copenhagen are Kongens Klær', København K, The Second Way and then I love Acne, H&M and Urban Outfitters.
Favorite piece of clothing you own...
M: My Acne Atacomas or my black 2hand jacket from Kongens Klær'.
A piece of clothing you would like to own...
M: Acne Admires!

all photos are from Maja´s blog


  1. Oh it is cold, i had a coat obviously :)
    Maja is so pretty!

  2. She is amazing. O_O
    And i think she is rich too.
    I follow you!! :3

  3. wow she looks like an amazing blogger.

  4. She is beautifuly. Thats amazing that she can have such a grown up look for such a young girl.

  5. I visited her blog about 6 months ago, and since then It became in one of my favourite ever. I think it's because of her age that impress me so much.

    Btw, love your blog too.

  6. ona je skvelá!