The work is done.

Hey fellas.
I am going to a Sushi Party which is actually my B-day party. My friend Maria is organizing it for me and I just can´t wait to be there, I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun! I´l try to make some pics so I can share them with you later. About those two photos...1. My DIY cross necklace, is actually made out of Lego (I have seen it  on Lookbook a pretty long time ago and though it was really cool so I made one by myself). 2. Karlijn Veling by Gianluca Fontana for Io Donna - I love this picture and the girl is so beautiful!
2. photo via fashiongonerouge


  1. have fun!

    and this necklace is simply amazing, would you mind if i'd copy paste your cool idea?;D xx

  2. Anonymous5/11/10

    Amazing necklace! :-)