Blog Crush #5

Simple, clean yet delivering a wow effect, that´s how I would describe outfits of 19 years old Yin Pang living in Denmark...although her blog Pangcakes isn´t all about the outfits. Yin writes about her thoughts and shares various adventures from her daily life with us - the readers too. She also posts vlogs on youtube which I enjoy a lot because of Yin´s quirky a funny personality. I bet you are as excited as I was when I first looked at Pangcakes but enough from me, I´ll let the photos and Yin´s answers speak.
Who/what inspires your outfits?
I think what inspires me is what I have seen work on other people mixed with what I would usually wear. I like to try on new sorts of outfits everyday and not stick to one specific look for too long. As an example I prefer not to have too many 'dark' outfits more days in a row, then I like to switch to floral prints or something more girly. I think my 'need' to dress with variety is a big part of what inspires my outfits, to try out everything.
The most stylish person right now?
The wonderful girl behind, no doubt. 
Favorite places to shop?
I have been shopping in secondhand stores a lot these past months. Besides from that I, as always, love looking around in Monki. There is always something I want. Besides from that I actually shop waaay too much on the internet, it's addictive.

Favorite piece of clothing you own? 
A pair of vintage Versace shorts I cut myself and my vintage Chanel boots. Besides from that I am really digging a new floral shirt I bought thrifted the other day but I am unsure if it's just a phase because it's new and different, haha.
A piece of clothing you would like own?
Currently waiting impatiently on some pieces I won in a competition that actually have no idea what looks like. But I need to get in the mail and own it right now. Besides from that I love to own the converse platforms trending right now and a pair of black pair of heeled ankle boots! Obsessing over a lot of shoes right now.
Any extra piece of information you'd like to share?
My style has only evolved the way it has because I have been wearing a lot of wrong things because I'm too lazy to follow trends or 'fashion rules'. I learned it the hard way and that's by looking like an idiot for years... I can never present myself as a fashion blogger, it'd be so wrong.


  1. jee tie košielkové a svetríkové outfity sú super :)

  2. ší is soooou kůl!! <33

  3. Thank you, that is so sweet of you!

  4. Thanks for the tip!! She seems like such a nice person and I love her style :)

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    I really love your blog !
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