Sigh. Where is the summer?


It is so cold here! The weather is pretty crazy right now - once it is extremely hot and than it is raining all the time. I just spent this day at home and now I better get ready because I am going to do this dance performance (when we became the champions of Slovakia I shared a photo with you, it was in an Avatar theme). 
So, I hope you had a better day than me.
photo via lefashion


  1. Love this post and your blog, I found you on Teen vogue's website.. Please check out my blog...Sarah..0x

  2. Slovakia is also beautiful country (I love your sweets)
    nice photo.
    I will follow you.
    Visit me too.

  3. Thank you girls, I really appreciate it.
    BTW: I am going to do more outfit posts soon so come back again.
    and about Slovakia? well, is fine in here, but I know some better places too.