Interview: street style photographer.

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You know how much I love to show you the different photos of people and their personal styles I gather in my computer. Of course, the most important part about it are the actual photographers! I am so thrilled to present you my current favorite street style photographer - Nam. This guy, originally from Korea caught my eye because of his sophisticated photography, passion and the special attitude that is highly needed for this kind of work. The way he captures all his photos is very unique not only because of all the inspirational people (bloggers, models or the random ones walking around). You´ll feel it, when you look at his work.
STREETFSN interview

Tell us a bit about the beginning of STREETFSN – where, when, how and why was it born?
I started December 2009 right from New York. I check out The Sartorialist everyday which is my favorite street style blog and my motivation, and I always hoped to be a street fashion photographer someday. After studying English in New York last year, I started street fashion photography.

What raised your interest in this type of photography? Had you done some other forms?

Before I started with photography of street fashion, I had shoot fashion portraits, fashion shows, wedding, events, and military photography.

When you photograph, do you have a theme in mind?
When I shoot someone on the street, I do my best to describe the fashion and personal character as well.
Who influences you the most?
The Sartorialist

What way do you think street photography will go in the future?
In the future, street fashion photography will be a certain part of photography over the world.
And I look forward to see some kind of developed version of street fashion photography.
It means I can't exactly say how the street fashion photography will look like.
Do you have some other projects up your sleeves?
I have some further ideas for the near future but I can't open the idea at this point!
You will see them very soon ☺
What kind of equipment do you use?
I use Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 70-200 2.8L, Canon 85m 1.2L, Carl Zeiss 50m 1.4F.
What kind of camera do you use and how much space from the cards do you usually fill?
I use DSLR camera with two 16GB CF cards. Usually I use 10GB a day on average.
All photos are from Nam´s blog STREETFSN.


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